Healthy walls make happy homes.

Natural plasters combine all-natural, earth-based materials like clay, sand and mineral pigments to make customized interior wall finishes. By combining a specific recipe with the right application technique, there is a wide range of possible results. Although the ingredients are simple, the result can be smooth or wavy, shiny or matte, sandy or silky.

Plaster is not only attractive, it is functional as well. A room enclosed by natural plaster is comfortable and welcoming. The plaster is a thermal mass that absorbs excess heat and releases when the room cools, helping regulate the temperature. Similarly, the clay in plaster is hydrophilic, meaning it readily absorbs moisture, preventing the room from becoming too humid.

So if it’s a healthy home you’re craving, you’ve come to the right place.

And if stunning is what you’re after, we’ve got that covered, too.


Good. Clean. Mud.

Low Embodied Energy

Earth plasters and paints are made from minimally processed materials that do not require high-energy kilns like cement plasters or synthetic chemicals like latex paints.


Natural plaster walls don’t need to be re-done with every little scratch. They are easily repaired with a squirt of water and a sponge.

Improved Comfort

Natural plasters can actually make your home more comfortable by regulating the temperature and humidity. They absorb excess heat and moisture and release it slowly.

No Off-Gassing

The only thing that comes off of natural plaster walls as they dry is water. They have no VOCs, and don’t off-gas, so you can enjoy the room immediately.

Energy Savings

You can reduce your need for air conditioning and heating, because natural plasters can help regulate the temperature, and add air tightness.

Negative Ions

Clay plasters emit negative ions, which are known to foster a sense of well-being. They also bond to airborne contaminants, making them heavier so they fall to the ground. leaving the air fresher.

Custom Recipes


I have an array of tried-and-true colours and textures to choose from, but every batch of plaster and paint is made by hand, so I can also customize a a wide range of colours and textures, just for your project.

Full Service Application


From the in-home consultation, to protecting your furniture, to providing you with a custom repair kit, I take care of everything from start to finish.



If you would like guidance getting started on a big DIY plastering project, we can start your project together! I work hourly to get you started mixing the recipes and learning the techniques.

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